What made Denmark to slaughter millions of minks?

This really very disturbing and upsetting news.

What made the Danish to take such an extreme step? Are they justified in doing so? Why this innocent creature is being killed in such a large number?

There are so many questions coming to the mind-reading this news. My heart bleeds on hearing this news. But before beginning this news, we should know what are these minks.

Mink is a small brown animal and its fur is used to make expensive coats and other items of clothing. So they are kept on the farms where they are raised for their fur.

It is on these farms that mink are infected with COVID 19 from the infected workers and they can spread it back to the humans.

So the reason behind this step is that the animal can spread a mutated form of COVID 19 to humans.

Scientists believe that the coronavirus was transmitted by workers of the mink farms to the mink and then again back to the humans. It is said that this form of the virus can do better in the mink cells as compared to human cells.

So far the number of people infected through contact with the mink with the virus is very low – only13 people in Northern Denmark.

Nobody is having the exact proof of what threat the infected mink may carry but then also the Danish authorities are killing the animals and are dumping them in the graves as there is a shortage of incinerators.

These mass graves are dug on the military land close to the town of Holstebro in the northwest of the country.

And all this is done, in spite of the fact that the Denmark government didn’t have any legal basis for this action. Moreover, there is no proof that this mutated form is more dangerous than the existing coronavirus affecting the people.

Though fur farming is legal in Denmark animal activities are against it and wanted that they should also phase out this trade completely.

Recently the footage of the Danish fur farms shows the minks engaging in abnormal behavior such as repetitive nodding of the head as well as self-destruction due to confined to small wire cages.

Keeping them on the farms for fur farming or culling them, both are crimes. Both shouldn’t be done for the welfare of the animals.